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Introductions- The Kitties, continued

Saturday, December 16th, 2006

Just so there is no confusion as to how spoiled my cats are, here’s yet another entry about the two of them! When I say spoiled, I do mean spoiled. You only need to walk into my apartment to know that they are. There are cat toys spread out through the living room, and they have their own stockings on the wall. I never even got my own stocking hung up, but theirs are! Yes, I admit it, my kitties are beyond spoiled. Their favorite treats are the Whiskas Temptations and I’m almost ashamed to admit that I have five (5!) different flavors for them.
Pudge and Lucy both love paper products of any kind. This includes, but is not limited to: kleenex, paper towel, toilet paper, and newspaper. They will happily shred it, spread it about the apartment and shove it under the couch. They are also big fans of Christmas. Or more specifically, the Christmas tree. I’m about ready to give up and take it down just to save myself the stress!
Other quirks? They both are full of static! You can hardly pet them without getting shocked. If it’s dark, you can see the sparks jumping. Their mother was overprotective of them, so they were still nursing when they were taken away. As a result, they still nurse. On what, you ask? My microplush fleece blanket. Poor Lucy will nurse on her paw, a trick she learned at the vet when my blanket wasn’t there. It’s a comfort thing I think, because they always do it just before they go to sleep.
Side note: If you have cats, invest a couple dollars in getting a laser pointer. It’s great fun! I get Pudge and Lucy running in circles in the apartment until they are panting.

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