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Dirty Boys

Saturday, December 23rd, 2006

Sometimes I hate working with all men. They are dirty and smelly, and half of them have issues with women, and especially women with authority. The last part doesn’t concern me most of the time– I’m still going to be in charge whether they like it or not. It’s the dirty and smelly part… these guys just keep getting dirtier and stinkier all the time. Seriously, one of the men that works here is the worst smelling person I have ever met in my entire life. Marcus, I hope the guys in your security outfit are cleaner than the guys in this one.
I miss Erica… she helped me clean. Now I’m the only one who cleans. What’s so hard about cleaning up after yourself? I even buy those pre-moistened Clorox wipes- it doesn’t get any easier than that! But still, it’s apparently too difficult. I even heard someone make a comment that they could clean up after themselves, but they know that I (or Erica when she was here) will if they don’t. That’s seriously rude. When I run one of the clorox wipes over the countertop when I get here (I do this every day, mind you) it comes off black, even without scrubbing. Ew.
What brought on the cleanliness rant? It smells like something crawled in here and died. I’ve changed the trash, I’ve cleaned and sprayed unhealthy amounts of air freshener to no avail. This is seriously nasty.

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