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Early Morning Shopping

Tuesday, December 26th, 2006

Just call me wonder woman. I ventured out of my apartment a little before 7am. I shopped at two different stores (on opposites sides of town), stopped at my apartment in between, got everything I was after and still was back home and back in my pajamas by 7:50! I did not put a single red cent on my credit cards and there is still some cash in my checking account!!

I searched and searched online and absolutely everybody was sold out of the Nintendo DS. Even places like BestBuy who have the in-store pickup options were sold out. So I wasn’t holding my breath that I’d be able to find one. I figured I might as well at least try though, so I set my alarm for 6:15 and got out of bed. I’d only fallen asleep, finally, about an hour before that so I seriously considered staying in bed. It’s a good thing I didn’t! I puttered about the apartment for awhile, and then finally headed out.
My first stop was Meijer on the other side of town. I walked back to the video games and lo and behold! One lone Nintendo DS Lite in the bottom of the case! Bestill my heart! I found someone to open the case for me, and she told me that she’d just put that system in the case not 10 minutes before I arrived. Apparently, it had been held for someone who never showed, so the store director told her to put it out to be sold. I said it was being saved especially for me! It was the Polar White one too, which is the one I really wanted. I would’ve taken a Coral Pink one if I’d have found it first, though. The best part about finding it at Meijer is that I could use the $50 gift card from Dad.
I left Meijer to head to the opposite side of town, and stopped by my apartment to drop of the DS. I’m not nearly crazy enough to leave one of those in the car while I continue shopping! And it was only like 2 minutes out of the way. So I dropped off the DS and figured out how much money I had left to spend and then went out to Walmart. I beat the crowds to Walmart (Meijer was pretty deserted when I got there too), so that was definitely good. I got Tetris and Super Mario Brothers. I also bought thank you cards because I’m going to be a good girl and send them out this year. And Nyquil because I spent all night staring at the inside of my eyelids and I’m going to get some sleep before work tonight if it kills me.

I played with the DS for a little while, but I’ve got it back in the box for now. Whenever PPP puts through the payments that came up over the holiday weekend, I’m going to get online and hopefully buy a carrying case, and MarioKart!  For now though, I’m going to wait for the NyQuil to kick in and then go to bed.

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