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Weightloss Wednesday, Week One

Wednesday, January 10th, 2007

Welcome to my first Weightloss Wednesday post. Losing weight (or getting healthy, however you want to word it) is one of my New Year’s Resolutions so I’m hoping that participating in this will not only keep me on track, but also give me a little bit of accountability!!
I started this morning, and I have my starting weight and “before” picture all ready to go. (Sorry, not posting these just yet!) So far so good, though it’s not hard to stay on track for the first day. We’ll see what I’m thinking a week from today :) To begin with, I’m trying the weight watchers points system. I like that I can eat ANYTHING I want, so long as I budget it into my points for the day. For now, I’m not following the plan on Mondays. It’s one of my days off, and I’ll still be making better choices, but I know I’ll be stricter with the rest of my plan if I can “cheat” one day a week. I’m usually with friends or family on that day and I don’t want to have to scrutinize what they’re serving.
Right now the diet thing is going to be trial and error. If it’s not working (especially “cheat day”), I’ll change it, but since I’ve never stuck with a program before, I don’t know what works for me! All I know is that the last time I lost weight, even that fifteen pounds off made me feel so much better! Wish me luck!

Baby Shower Pictures

Wednesday, January 10th, 2007

Mommy and Daddy!The baby shower was on Sunday, and it went off pretty well despite me getting NO sleep and being cranky, and my mom having a horrible headache. Lots of people pitched in to help, especially with clean-up which was definitely appreciated!
To the left, you see a picture of the proud parents. That’s my twin brother, Ryan, and his fiancee Ash-lee.

Cookie Jars Cookie Jar

I promised pictures of the cookie jars, so there they are!! There’s a close-up of the Munchy Crunchy cookie mix too. We made them for game prizes, and they were quite messy to make, but they turned out really cute! We got a lot of compliments on them! There were other prizes too– a couple of gift sets, cookbooks, candles, and bath and body works stuff. We had two of the Glade Trios candle sets for the door prizes. When people came in, they had to fill out their name and address on an envelope (for the thank you cards!), and then guess how many pacifier candies we’d put into a baby bottle. Those two winners got the trios, and all the rest of the winners got to pick a prize. Our other games were Baby Body Parts (ie Part of a wagon– tongue), Name the Nursery Rhyme, and Oh, Baby (name as many songs with the word “baby” in the title as you can). It was fun watching everyone struggle rather than being one of the people struggling!! :)

I had to snap a picture of the cake because it cracked me up. The mama-to-be designed it herself, and everyone thought it was just perfect!


And last but not least, a picture of my cousin Matt’s five month old son Benjamin. He was playing with a balloon and when I got my camera out, he stopped and made this face. It cracked me up, so I had to share!!
So the festivities are over, and now we’re waiting to meet the little guy!

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