Lack of oxygen?

Awhile back, the powers-that-be decided to remodel one of the buildings we have here. By remodel, of course, I mean that they probably would have been better off to level the whole darn thing and start over. After many, many delays, they finally have enough of the building complete to start moving people in. Although they still have a long way to go before being completely done, enough employees (and their personal property) have moved in that my boss added the buttons for our monitored rounds over there last weekend. Imagine my surprise when I come in to work after my days off and find a memo detailing where to find all six of the buttons. This in and of itself is not a surprise. The buttons themselves were hung on Friday, and I went and found them then. The surprising (and slightly disturbing part) comes in the note about button number six:

“It is in an open room wherein the first and second floors are not separated in all places. The tanks located on the lower level contain Nitrogen and Argon. Although inert, Nitrogen and Argon displace oxygen. If you enter the room and you are breathing, but feel like you’re not getting any air, you’re probably not. Get out of the area, and notify maintenance.”

Um, yeah. How’s that to make you paranoid? Obviously it’s not very likely to happen, and so long as you pay attention to whether or not you’re getting air, you’ll be okay, but still. Where’s my motivation not to simply skip this button and go on my way? I like my air with oxygen in it, thanks.

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  1. Loretta Says:

    um…oxygen is nice to have for those of that breathe it! I’d totally skip that button.

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