Dear Phishers,

If you wish to phish my Citibank account, first make sure I *have* a CitiBank account. (I don’t.) Next step? Write in intelligent English, using proper spellings, capitalizations, and grammar.

Better luck next time,

Warning to all of you out there who DO have CitiBank cards (and a general reminder to everyone else), there are people out there trying to get information. Always be cautious when you get an email requesting you to log in to your account, or provide account log-in information. Hover over links to see where they lead before you click on them. This particular email has three links, two of which actually lead to Citibank’s real website. The third, and the one they are asking you to follow, “redirects” from a phishing website.
Pay attention, and protect your sensitive information! Before you delete the email, consider checking the official website, and seeing if/where they would like you to forward your fake email.

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  1. Karen_s Says:

    I just got one of those!Glad to know it isnt just me. sheesh

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