Snuggling with Pudge

I posted a couple weeks ago on my livejournal about my needy furbabies, and they have certainly not become any less needy in the meantime. Pudge has lately taken to snuggling with me when I go to bed, which I am definitely not complaining about. He’ll let me snuggle him for awhile, and then he’ll curl up by my head. If I roll over and face the other direction, half the time, he’ll get up and move to the other side, silly boy. Sometimes it gets a little bit ridiculous though. Last night, for example… I sleep on my stomach, and Lucy was meandering all over the bed and finally settled down on the small of my back. Not to be outdone, Pudge climbed up to lay across my shoulder blades… do you know how hard it is to breathe with a twelve pound cat crushing your lungs? He didn’t stay there long, thank goodness!

These cats truly are monkey see, monkey do. I know you guys have pets, are they like that? Because of this, the amount of destruction these cats can wreak on my apartment when I’m gone is truly amazing. They have to do whatever the other one is doing, and usually whatever I’m doing too. I can’t remember the last time I peed without an audience.

Edit: I weighed Pudge. He’s not 12 lbs, he’s 15 lbs! He’s only 9 months old… this cat is gonna be HUGE when he’s done growing! I keep calling him my mountain lion.

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  1. Lisa Says:

    Great Post! Visiting from the carnival.

  2. DonnaLeigh Says:

    LOL one of my shelties likes to lay on my back when I’m in bed too!

  3. Amy Says:

    They won’t always be like that… cats settle down and become quite boring. LOL

  4. Loretta Says:

    LOL Maurice is heavy too and he is always climbing up on my back and plopping his butt down to sleep. Then the dog gets jealous and she lays on my leg, then I can’t get up cause I’m covered in critters!

  5. Marisa Says:

    You named him right, that’s for sure! 15 lbs is huge!

  6. Charlotte Says:

    15 lbs?? That’s a big kitty! :)

  7. skeet Says:

    Lance the beagle shifts postitions or patrols the house several times each night, but always returns and sleeps so that as much of his body as possible is touching as much of me as possible. Usually along my back or leg, but I draw the line at beagle butt int he face!

  8. Karen Says:

    Wow! That is going to be a big cat. My 2 dogs are total bedhogs.

  9. mrscrumley Says:

    Fat cats are cute!

  10. Cecile Says:

    Cats love to snuggle when they want to, never when you want them too!

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