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Postie Blog Carnival- Food Edition

Tuesday, April 3rd, 2007

I forgot to post yesterday that this week’s Postie Carnival was held over at Loretta’s blog. She did a really good job putting together the Carnival that was all about food. I entered the post about my well read cookbook. There are a lot of really great entries, but I wouldn’t go over there if you’re hungry. I did that yesterday, and my stomach was growling even more by the time I was done!

New Purse

Tuesday, April 3rd, 2007

A couple of weeks ago, I asked some of my friends from a message board I frequent for opinions on a purse I was wanting to buy from L.L. Bean. I was being very indecisive, so I needed a little input. I realized this morning that I never filled them in on the decision I made, or shared the final product with them! I ended up going for the blue and green striped one, with just the letter “J” monogrammed on the front. If you’re sitting there going, “huh?” Don’t worry! I have a picture!

I hope the picture does it justice because it’s very cute. I like it! The only downsides are that there are absolutely no pockets on the inside, so it’s hard to keep organized, and the handles aren’t long enough to put over my shoulder. Other than that though, I love it!

Where did it go?

Tuesday, April 3rd, 2007

I just got paid on Friday. I was putting yesterday’s trip to Kroger in my checkbook, and I was struck by the amount of money I have left to get me through to next payday two weeks from now. The question is where did it all go?? Apparently I need some financial reporting software to tell me what I’m doing with all my money. Actually this week most of the money went to bills. And what I really need is not something to keep track of my money, but something to periodically yell things at me. Things like, “You’re supposed to be saving money!” “Have you looked at your credit card statement lately?” “Do you ever want to move out of your apartment?” “Another movie?!”

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