Boring Day 4-11-07

I’m participating in Colleen’s Boring Day Carnival. The idea is to document a typical day in your life in photographs, and upload them to your blog, with commentary for all to get a little sneak peek into your life. My day is not exactly typical because I had house guests the night I took the pictures, but I end up at their house all the time anyways so it still works. And I should confess now that my A.M. pictures are from a different Boring Morning. But all my mornings look the same so I didn’t think you’d be too upset about it!!

On to my boring day!

My alarm started going off at 5:30, so I hit snooze at least once before deciding to open my eyes.

This cat, Pudge, has been annoying me since 4:30 this morning. Climbing over me, begging for attention.

Despite the snooze button, and the annoying cat, I still didn’t want to get up.

I stumbled out of bed anyways, and checked my email and message boards and watched a little bit of the news.

I decided not to be dirty, so I took a shower!

And then I put on my beautifully sexy uniform.

Of course, I had to feed the kitties before I left, so they wouldn’t STARVE while I was gone.

Then it’s time to leave. It’s a little wet outside- looks like it might snow.

I have to leave for work at 6:30. Good, right? Nope. Car clock is about five minutes slow- I’m late leaving! (And I’m sure stopping to take a picture helps!)

I can’t have a camera inside the main building, so you don’t get to see every detail of my boring day. I have a couple of pictures, but I sorted the mail when I got to work, and got some ice water from the cafeteria. I stayed at my desk until lunch, when I got Burger King for Erica and I and spent my lunch hour at home.

At work, I answer phones all day.

I also sign in and sticker visitors to this facility.

This is the computer that doesn’t run the phone. See, told you I went to Burger King. See my nephews?

It did snow. Alot. Ewww.

I got bored with the internet, so I read a book until it was time to go home.

It was finally time to leave so I locked up the cabinets.

And I had to bundle up against the cold and snow.

It’s 4pm! I’m free!

So I drove home.

And I stopped to look at a house I liked on the way.

I checked the mail on my way up. Do you see how badly the mailman mangled it?

Look who’s at my house!

I changed and got my hands on the baby.

He deliberately closed his eyes against the flash. I had to share this picture too because it cracked me up!

These two TLC addicts watched TV for awhile.

Then Erica tortured, I mean, played with the kitties and the laser pointer for a long time. See the little red dot? It’s mesmerizing!

Aiden jumped. And bounced. And jumped some more.

We made brats for dinner. And attempted to grill them on the George Foreman. Which is harder than you might think.

We also had a variety of potato and pasta salads. Mmm.

Steve got home, and finished everything off for us, haha.

More TV, and getting sleepy.

They packed up their stuff and headed home.

Oh sweet bed.

Hitting the sack.

Yawn. Goodnight!

6 Responses to “Boring Day 4-11-07”

  1. Deb Says:

    Neat to see your day. Out of all the pictures, I noticed your bed…I have a king size and spread out! Naughty girl for snapping pics at work 😉 Looking good in your work clothes…and of course the baby is adorable! I love my George Foreman too…I mostly use it for our “Belly Buster Burgers” mmmm, mmmm, good!

  2. Jules Says:

    That was cool Jenn! I noticed you don’t have your drip pan for your George Foreman either. Mine fell on the drying element in the dishwasher and melted a big hole in it.

  3. Loretta Says:

    That was fun! I keep forgetting to take my boring day pictures. I need to do that tomorrow. Wednesdays are always extra boring!

  4. Colleen Says:

    I love it! You look so cute in your little sleep mask…heh.

  5. marcus Says:

    awesome day! I so hate that I didn’t participate in this. Next time you will see my day

  6. Amy Says:

    Those were great, Jenn! Loved them. My cats love those laser pointers, too!

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