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Dream House

Monday, May 7th, 2007

There is a house that I drive past every day on my way to work. I absolutely love it, and it just so happens to be for sale. Sounds ideal, doesn’t it? Unfortunately not. It’s a beautiful house, but not only is it quite pricey, they’ve also zoned it commercial. What I would really love to do though, is find someone to front me the money, and turn it into a Bed and Breakfast. It’s the type of house that would lend itself really well to that kind of incarnation. It would be a TON of work, but it just sounds awesome! I won’t be able to afford it in this lifetime though, so it’s not to be. But it would be neat!

New Uniforms

Monday, May 7th, 2007

I’ve known they were coming for a long time, but the time has come. My new work uniforms have arrived. *sigh* I knew I wouldn’t like them, but I was thinking just being uncomfortable with the tie and layers. I wasn’t prepared to hate them as much as I do. Most of it is the cheapness of the shirts, the fact that all of them are mens, and that I look like a little girl playing dress-up in daddy’s suit. I’ve been complaining all night about it. But really I’m just trying to get it out of my system. We’ll get it straightened out. I’ll get the jacket tailored, and figure out the see-through shirts… but for tonight, I just want to be upset about it. Some times I think we need to just do that– kick and scream, and throw childish fits. That way you get it out of your system, then you pick yourself up, get over it, and deal with the problem. The dealing with it comes tomorrow, tonight I’m going to throw a fit about my awful new uniforms.

Going to the library!

Monday, May 7th, 2007

I have a project for this afternoon as soon as I get off work– I’m going to the library to get books! I’ve been putting it off for awhile because I didn’t want to deal with having to pay off my fine. I’ve been scavenging my bookshelves at home though, and coming up empty. I don’t mind re-reading books, but I’ve reread the ones I have so many times that I just don’t want to right now. So I got online today to see how much it was going to be. It was relatively painless. I didn’t need an accounts receivable conversion or anything like that. It would seem my local library system has left the dark ages– I was able to pay off my fine online, so I can just head in and check out my books with no problems! Woohoo! So I’m spending a good portion of the rest of my shift looking for books that I’ll want to check out when I get there. I know I’ll pick random books off the shelves while I’m there, but if I have some idea of what I’m looking for, I won’t spend hours wandering around before I go home.

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