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Not Your Desk

Tuesday, May 15th, 2007

I really don’t understand why people think that the things on my desk belong to them, or that it is okay to touch them. My desk is easily reachable by those standing on the other side of it, and this is frequently taken advantage of. Last time I checked, that was my family on the calendar, and the pictures hanging up were of my nephews. If people feel they need a visitor sticker, and I haven’t given them one, they”ll reach down and take it themselves.
There is a candy bowl on the shelf that has the guest book on it. This is for all of the visitors to take as they please. Last week however, I had a separate basket of candy actually on the surface of my desk, and more than one person felt it was fair game to reach over the edge of my desk, around my computer to take a piece of chocolate out of this basket. Excuse me? To me that’s like coming around the desk, and reaching into your pocket to take whatever I please.
Anything that is on the surface of my desk, or requires you to stretch past the wall of my desk, belongs to me, and contrary to popular belief, you do need my permission to take it.

Friday Fun

Tuesday, May 15th, 2007

Well, I promised a recap of my weekend, so I guess I better start with Friday. I took a vacation day at work on Friday, so I got to sleep in a few hours, which was lovely. Would have been lovelier if I’d still gone to bed at the normal time, but oh well! :)

My mom came to pick me up at 9:30, and we swung through a drive-thru because I was practically starving. From there, we went to pick up Ash-lee and Killian to start our day! We had a 10:30 a.m. appointment at Sears to get Killian’s three month pictures taken. We got the required butt shot picture done, but didn’t get much further than that before he started to get upset and just really didn’t want any more to do with the picture taking.

We decided to leave Sears and go get lunch at CiCi’s. While we were there, Ash-lee fed Killian, and he took a pretty good nap. So we headed back off to Sears and we managed to get a lot of good pictures taken as he was in a much better mood! The actual pictures will be back on May 23rd, so of course I had to buy the six picture proof so that I could show him off before then. I tried to scan them in the computer, but they came out really bad. Ash-lee has the CD from Sears that she was supposed to put online for all of us to see, but she took it to Florida with her instead of leaving it with Ryan, and she hasn’t put them up yet.

Unfortunately, until she does that, I can’t share the pictures with you guys!! After the picture taking, my mom wanted to show Killian off at the nursing home where she works, so we drove up there. It was a very long day, so once we dropped Killian and Ash-lee off at home, and she dropped me off at home I mostly vegged out for the night. I’m glad I got the day off to go… we had a blast. And of course I got to see the baby, which always makes me a happy Auntie.


Tuesday, May 15th, 2007

I don’t have a lot of experience cooking, so when I do decide to make something, I usually spend a little bit of time searching around the internet looking for good, easy recipes. Usually I end up frustrated because I can’t find just what I’m looking for, or because sites seem to be difficult to navigate. I found a good new site for free recipes called I really like that I can search by either the recipe title or by ingredient. The other day I was looking for a recipe for chicken enchiladas… today I’m looking for something to use the 6 lbs of chicken in my freezer. This site fits both bills, and I’ve actually found a couple of recipes that sound pretty good. I’ll have to get over my fear of burning myself, again, and make something new! (Okay, I’m not afraid of burning myself, I just happen to have burnt myself twice in as many days).

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