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Empty Head

Wednesday, May 23rd, 2007

I didn’t blog at all yesterday because I felt like I didn’t have a single thought in my head. I opened both of my blogs more than once, but closed them again after staring at a blank screen. I’m not feeling a whole lot more talkative today so far, but I thought I would make the attempt anyways. I went last night to sit at Erica’s… I wanted to sit outside and enjoy the weather, so I took dinner over there, and then stayed on her porch while she went to drill, and then we hung out after that.
Today though, I’m soooo tired. I have been all week actually. I don’t really know why, I just feel like I have NO energy at all. I really think I have allergies, and it is not a good season for those this year. I don’t know if that’s what my problem is, I just know I haven’t wanted to do anything other than sleep, and I haven’t even been able to do that. I went to bed late last night and was wide awake a couple of times during the night. Right now I’m just waiting for my relief to come so I can go to lunch (and the bathroom… eek….). I hope I’m going to feel less icky after I get something to eat. The Aleve sure didn’t do anything.

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