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Accidental Littering

Thursday, June 7th, 2007

Today was a pretty hot one, but there was a good wind blowing– the kind that takes your breath away when it hits you. Since my car was shut up all day sitting in the direct sunlight, it was hot enough to broil me alive. Understandably I had the windows down on the way home. All was well until I was sitting at a stop light… and suddenly the wind blew and I saw something pick up off of the passenger seat and fly out the window. CRAP! I have no idea what it was, and with 4 lanes of after-work traffic and no shoulders, there wasn’t a prayer of pulling over to retrieve it. Besides, with the wind, it probably would have been in the river by the time I got out of the car anyways. I actually hope it did end up in the river… I have no idea what was on that paper, but I sure hope it didn’t have any sensitive information on it since I accidentally littered it for anyone in the world to find. Since I didn’t feel like playing chicken with 4 lanes of traffic, I choose to believe it was not something important. Hopefully I don’t find out differently later.

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