Postie Carnival – Fathers – June 18, 2007

Welcome to the Father’s Day Edition of the Postie Carnival! Since we (hopefully) spent the day yesterday letting our fathers know how much we appreciate them, today posties get together to share their posts about dear old Dad!! Without further ado, I give you


Tess presents Being A Dad Again posted at Musings From Me.

Amy presents Happy Father’s Day posted at Whatever I Feel Like.

skeet presents Dad posted at skeet’s stuff.

Jennifer presents Happy Father’s Day posted at Footprints on the Moon.

evelester presents Happy Father’s Day posted at Confessions of an Everyday Housewife.

lucia presents My Father Haiku posted at The Knitting Fiend, saying, “I usually stick to haikus to describe knit designes, but today I had to write about Dad.”

Loretta presents handmade father’s day gifts posted at Just Not Martha.

Karen presents Sperm Donation 101 posted at The Pond.

Martin presents Hot Or Not ? posted at

Suni presents In Honor of My father posted at Bucket O’ Bulletz.

People who didn’t post about Dads

kumiko suzuki presents 7 Phrases That Send Your Readers Running posted at Make Money Online at Kumiko’s Cash Quest.

Rickey Henderson presents This is where Rickey posts recommendations of note… posted at Riding with Rickey.

TherapyDoc presents Women in Pink posted at Everyone Needs Therapy, saying, “Just seeing these incredible women is inspiring.”

That concludes this edition. Submit your blog article to the next edition of the Postie Carnival using our carnival submission form.
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9 Responses to “Postie Carnival – Fathers – June 18, 2007”

  1. eve Says:

    great carnival- thanks for posting!!

  2. skeet’s stuff » Postie Carnival Says:

    […] It’s Postie Carnival time again. The carnival is being hosted by Jennifer this time around and she’s chosen a theme of “Fathers” in honor of Father’s Day. My Sunday post about my dad is entered and so are a lot of other great posts you haven’t read yet. I’ll add the permalink to this post as soon as I get up Monday morning, but if your day starts before mine (it probably does!) just click Jennifer’s link above to go to her blog. Edit: Here is the direct link to this edition of the Posite Carnival. […]

  3. Postie Carnival is Today! | Just Not Martha Says:

    […] a glass of iced tea, and get comfy in your chair and start visiting all the participants of the postie carnival. The theme was “fathers” and this edition is being hosted by Jenn at Footprints on the […]

  4. Bucket O’ Bulletz » Postie Carnival of Fathers Says:

    […] has done a great job hosting the Postie Carnival, Fathers Edition. I am going over to read all the posts now. Make sure you take time to read through all the posts […]

  5. Amy Says:

    Great job, Jenn! Thanks for hosting.

  6. Karen Says:

    Thanks Jenn.

  7. Postie Carnival - Fathers | Whatever I Feel Like - Amy's blog on life, love, recovery, beauty, TV and lots of other randomness Says:

    […] time for the Postie Carnival again! The carnival is being held at Jenn’s this time and the theme is all about fathers. I submitted my previous post on Father’s Day […]

  8. Loretta Says:

    Thanks for hosting Jenn :)

    I’m going to try to visit everyone later tonight.

  9. Bucket O’ Bulletz » Postie Carnival: History and Archives Says:

    […] in time for Father’s Day, Jenn made sure that the Carnival of Fathers was posted. Not a dry eye to be had after that carnival…believe […]

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