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I almost died!

Thursday, July 12th, 2007

Okay, that subject is slightly dramatic, but that’s what I tell Erica every time I get to her house and some other person has done something stupid that could have caused a nasty accident. I’m not going to see Erica tonight, so I’m getting on here to tell all of you, “I almost died on my way home from work!” I was third in line at a red light, so the light turns green, the two people in front of me go, I go, and the idiot in the turn lane across the intersection decides it’s *his* turn to go. And he goes fast. So I have to slam on the brakes, and swerve the car — my tires squealed! He brakes, and barely misses hitting me. (Realize, *I* have the right of way in this scenario, this idiot is entirely the one in the wrong.) So of course I’m completely freaked out, and screaming expletives because NO, it wouldn’t have killed me, but it would have hurt pretty bad. And this moron just puts his hands in the air and shrugs like “What?” So that just made me mad, and you now have a perfect example for why bad drivers made my dislike list over there in the sidebar.

Canvas on Demand

Thursday, July 12th, 2007

Do you guys remember me telling you that I had the opportunity to get one of my pictures put on a canvas? I don’t blame you if you don’t remember– I made the original post on June 21st, but then took quite awhile being indecisive about which picture to choose. I wanted it to be something I’d LOVE. I had a lot of input and ended up picking this picture:

Rydal Mount

It was a tough decision because I also had a couple of amazing shots of Stonehenge in the running. The picture there is one I took myself in England at Rydal Mount. It was one of the homes of William Wordsworth… anyways!

Here’s what my finished canvas looks like– it arrived on Tuesday!


It’s gorgeous, and I couldn’t be happier!! The canvas is hanging on the wall above my loveseat now. I think I’m a grown-up now, y’all– I have something hanging on my wall! I’m really impressed by the quality too. I think these canvases would make an excellent wedding or anniversary gift. I just wish I had time to order one before the wedding I’m going to on Saturday… it would be such a better gift than the gift card she’s going to end up with.

It was a great experience, and I wish I had the money to order that Stonehenge picture as well. In fact, I only have ONE complaint about the entire process and that has to do with the shipping. I *should* have received my canvas last Friday, but my building is not FedEx friendly, so it was several more days before I got the FedEx guy to deliver my canvas to the office because I’m not at home during the day! The only thing I wanted to change about the whole process was that they offer shipping options– I’m sure I’m not the only one who lives somewhere that isn’t FedEx friendly!

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