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Major Bedroom Excavation

Saturday, July 28th, 2007

I really haven’t gotten a lot accomplished today, due to a situation that I’m not going to be blogging about right now. I did get a whole lot more done on the major bedroom excavation that I have going on. It’s MY space, and I decided I was going to quit piling crap in there every time that I am going to have company and don’t finish cleaning the living room on time. I drug every single tote and box out into the living room to sort through this week. I also vacuumed, and filled up a HUGE trashbag. Ew. I am sooo mad at myself for letting my bedroom get like that! I was disgusted. Granted, I don’t spend a lot of time in my bedroom, but still… that’s just unnecessary. I still need to take the mattress off the bed so that I can clean out the stuff that’s behind/under it, and flip the mattress and replace the sheets. Then I’ll be able to go through the laundry baskets, and all the stuff on the Papasan chair, and I’ll have a nice clean bedroom and be ready to start putting things in there as I go through the crap that’s now cluttering my living room.

I would have continued working in the bedroom and gotten to that point, but I’d be up working on that pretty late, and I picked up a shift at work tomorrow, so I need to be in bed at a decent time. But that’s the project for when I get home about 3:30 tomorrow! I’m also going to include the hall closet in this excavation project because a lot of the things coming out of the bedroom need to be stored in that closet, which is already a mess!

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