Pots and Pans

I cannot begin to express how badly I need new pots and pans. I don’t even mean that I need a fancy set of cookware or anything. Just a decent set of pans. All of mine are the ones that come in those “Back To College”, “First Apartment” kits you always see out around this time of year. Since I haven’t been back to college in a few years, they’re getting a bit old, and trust me when I tell you that these pans were definitely not created for long-term use. The pans are so bad that I burned my dinner 3 nights ago, and I’m *still* trying to soak off the burnt food. I think it permanently fused with the crappy material on the bottom of the pan! I might just cook more if I had decent pans (or a decent kitchen)!

3 Responses to “Pots and Pans”

  1. Billy Cooke Says:

    Hi, I think its worth while spending a goot amount on your pots and pan as you’ll be cooking every day and better quality products should last you for years. I know what you mean about needing a decent kitchen, mine ain’t great either:sad:

  2. Tina K Says:

    All my best cookware came from yard sales and thrift stores. Sad, but true

  3. katherine Says:

    On my own experience I know that GOOD pots and pans stimulate for cooking and even for very delicious cooking!

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