101 Steps, 3-13

I have fallen behind in all things internet, which is probably obvious given that I haven’t blogged here in the last two days. I have excuses, really I do!! One of the things that I’ve neglected to write about is Marcus’s 101 Steps.

I’ve been reading Marcus’s blog and attempting to do the steps as I came across them, but I didn’t realize how remiss I’d been in blogging it over here until I realized that I last blogged about steps one and two, and Marcus is on step 13!! Oops!! To catch you up on what you’ve missed… steps 3-13.

3. #3- Post at least once a day.
Days like Monday and Tuesday obviously being an exception, I’ve been keeping this in mind ever since Marcus first posted it. Sometimes I have no time, and sometimes I just have nothing to say, but I really do try and make sure at least one post goes up every day.
4. #4. Optimize your blog for the search engines.
SEO makes my head hurt… but I’m looking into this one. I consider this more of a personal blog than one about certain topics or keywords, so I have a hard time making a lot of SEO tips fit my situation here.
5. #5. Make sure you have an “About Me” page.
Ooh, this is one I have. There’s a small blurb under About Me, and my picture over there on the side bar, but there’s something a little more in depth if you click the About at the top of the page. Though I just noticed I need to change my age on there. I’ll go do that!
6. #6 Submit your blog to 9Rules
Eh, I’m skipping this one. Due to a bit of controversy (which you can see if you click the link and read Marcus’ comments), I’m not really interested in this site at all.
7. #7 Submit your blog to NewsNow
I think I need to figure out what NewsNow is… at first glance, it doesn’t seem like something that’s got anything to do with my blog, but I’ll look into it.
8. #8 Let your readers see the REAL you.
I hope you guys see the real me. I think you do. You tell me– do you feel like you are getting to know me, and that I’m being real?
9. #9. Blog and ping
This kind of goes with the earlier steps… if I am blogging everyday (and I try to), and I am pinging like one of the other earlier steps suggested, I’m obviously already hitting this one.
10. #10-Submit your blog to rss and blog directories.
Add this to my to-do list. I’m in a few directories, but I really haven’t spent much time looking for some to submit my site to.
11. #11. Use trackbacks
I’m pretty new to the whole trackback thing, but I’m working on it. I only realized about a month ago that trackbacks were shut off on this blog!
12. #12. Get involved in the blogosphere.
I do this as much as possible. I’m in several communities, and I comment on other people’s blogs as much as I can. Let’s face it, blogging satisfies my voyeuristic tendencies– I love being able to read about the things other people are experiencing.
13. #13. Give your blog it’s own unique voice… You!
This is pretty much like step #8, I think, so I hope I’m getting there. After all, I’m writing about me, my life, my experiences, so if this blog is in someone else’s voice, then I’m a little scared!

Phew! I’m all caught up now, and hopefully I’ll catch them as they come along from now on! Kudos to you if you actually read or cared about all of that. 😉

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