Vegas, Baby!

I’m all official on the trip to Vegas now, and I’m sooo excited. I have put in the request for the days off work. I’ve purchased airfare, and the most recent acquisition has been the reservation for accommodations. I spent, literally, for-freakin-ever going through all of the hotels I could find on the Strip and inputting our travel dates, and coming up with the amount that it would cost us. After inputting all of this into a spreadsheet, so we could SEE it all in one place, we crunched some numbers. We looked at everything from the Luxor, the MGM Grand to Circus Circus and the Sahara hotel. In the end, we settled on the Imperial Palace. Excellent deal, as the price per night was under $200. So if any of the rest of y’all are going to Vegas in November, choose an Imperial Palace Tower Room! So far we’ve got two rooms and 8 posties staying there, but we’re hoping to have one big hotel party… the more, the merrier!

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  1. Colleen Says:

    Whohoo! I want to go to Ghost Bar and PARTY!

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