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Self Portrait Sunday 10/14/07

Sunday, October 14th, 2007


Another Sunday. Another picture… :)
Haven’t done much today… not getting a good nights sleep put me all out of sorts today. I did take a nap today, hopefully not to my detriment tonight. I’ve also done some laundry, and finally renewed my license plate. I also spent a good deal of time playing Tetris on my Nintendo DS. It’s practically the same thing, right?
My neighbor downstairs must have her heat cranked up because I have the window open, the fan on, and I’m still too warm!
Well, while I’m waiting for my uniform shirts to dry so that I can go to bed, I’m going over to DigiCass to see who else has shared their mugs with us today.

Sleepless, Take Two

Sunday, October 14th, 2007

I never did get my nap yesterday. Instead, I went to lunch with Erica, and we were out and about all day. Ended up at my mom’s because she had Killian. When I made it home, I caught up on some internet stuff, and decided to go to bed around 9pm. (On a Saturday… 9pm… does that make me an old lady?) I fell asleep fairly quickly and easily… all was well…

Until 2:30 this morning. Ugh… Luckily I played on the internet for awhile, and went back to bed about 4:30 or so, for a couple hours. Still didn’t get as much sleep as I would’ve hoped. Being up in the middle of the night does not make for being very well rested.

This is NOT going to become a trend. Do you hear me? I will sleep at night. I will sleep all night. I will not get up at an ungodly hour when I am not being paid to so.

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