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Nice Bwinker!

Thursday, October 18th, 2007

lolcat - nice bwinker jurkface
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HAHA! Can you hear me laughing from wherever you are at?? Anyone who has ever ridden in a car I am driving knows that I am a yeller. I’m not an aggressive driver, but I yell at the other drivers. It makes me feel better. It amuses my passengers. I’ve been known to be like this cat. Though it’s usually me yelling “Nice turn signal, (expletive of choice)!”

My favorite, though, is all of the teenage drivers around here driving Daddy’s car, thinking that they really are hot stuff. They’ve got a Chrysler 300 accessory hanging from the rear view mirror so big, I’m sure they can’t possible see out the window. And don’t forget the three friends in the car goofing off, and the cell phone plastered to their ears. To this person I say: when I get a mile down the road, and I pass you because the cop has you pulled over, or you’ve run your car into the person in front of you… I bet you feel real cool now!

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