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Decorating for Christmas

Friday, October 26th, 2007

I know, I know. It’s too early to start talking about decorating for Christmas. But I can’t help thinking about it since I had to wade through three aisles of Christmas decorations in order to buy my Halloween candy. Seems like the Christmas decorations come out earlier and earlier every year. As for myself, I have a strict “No Christmas before Thanksgiving” policy. Let’s have one holiday before we have the next, okay? Obviously, this only works within my own house, as it’s foisted on me everywhere else I go. But I love Christmas, and if you start on the holiday thing too early, you just get burnt out before the holiday arrives.

That being said, I’ve been thinking about decorations. I just dug out the Halloween decorations earlier this week, and I had to move my Christmas tree (well, my Dad’s Christmas tree that I borrowed and didn’t give back) in order to reach them. I don’t think I’ll be setting it up this year. It was too much of a pain to keep the cats from breaking it last year. I still want to decorate this year, so I’ll probably be stuck with just the stockings on the wall (they try to get those down too), and lights in the window.

I had lights in the window last year, but I didn’t have them on too much. I was worried about them getting too hot, and also about having to pay the electric bill! That’s why I’ve been thinking about the new LED holiday lights. Well, I don’t know if they’re new, but I just heard about them this year. They are cooler than normal lights, so I wouldn’t have to worry about the heat of them, and they also use less energy. They do cost a little more than traditional lights, but it sounds like they’d pay for themselves in due time. I’m not sure if I’ll have money to buy new decorations this year, so it might have to wait until next year. I very much like the idea of them though! I’ve still got a month to figure it out, so we’ll have to see. I’m torn on whether I’d want the traditional multi-colored lights, or if I’d want to switch to a solid color. Decisions, decisions.

Do you live here?

Friday, October 26th, 2007

I’m sorry, but do you live here? That’s the question I was asking myself earlier this week. If you read my photo blog, you saw that I had a clogged tub, and called maintenance out to fix it. They started on Monday, and came back to fix the job on Tuesday. And left me wondering if it might have been done differently had it not been my uncle. On Monday, I had a funeral to attend, so I left work early, stopped off at home for lunch on my way, and discovered that my bathtub had been taken apart, the pieces put in a bowl I had sitting near the tub, and there was a leaf in the toilet. Um… okay. Come to find out, my uncle was in the process of working on my tub when he found out he had 20 minutes before he was “supposed” to be at the funeral home.

So my tub stayed torn apart Monday night, and he came out to finish it on Tuesday. It’s the subtle differences that left me wondering, with the whole “do you live here” question. Moved washcloths, the “dirt” (chemical residue) left in the bottom of the tub, but most importantly the cats. Now, that statement might leave you confused, so let me explain. When I got home on Tuesday, the cats greeted me in the living room, then ran back to the bathroom and meowed. Usually that means “Where have you bee? The bowl is empty, feed us, we’re starved!” So I glance in and their bowl is full. I told them such and ignored them. Later, they keep repeating this. Sitting near the bowls and talking to me. Finally I look closer. Yes, their bowl is full, but not with the food that I feed them. My uncle fed my cats. It would be weird in and of itself, but here’s the really strange part– he didn’t get the food from inside my apartment. Where I keep the cat food is probably not in a very intuitive place, so it’s quite likely he looked around, and didn’t find it. But there was a sample bag of cat food (which just so happens to be the same kind that he DID put in the bowl) in the bathroom, and he didn’t use that either.

So best I can figure is that he went home and got food to feed my cats. Which of course they didn’t want because they were like, what the heck is this?? It was just very strange to me. I appreciate him feeding them if they were hungry, but he’s got my phone number– he could’ve called and asked me where their food was! And then I couldn’t help but wonder… does he feed other people’s cats too? Or just mine? Maybe I’ll have to ask him next time I see him.

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