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Personalized Candy

Saturday, October 27th, 2007

A couple of years ago, it seemed like we started seeing personalized candy popping up everywhere. It’s something you come to expect to see as wedding, or baby shower favors. What I didn’t know, that you might have, is that there are candy wrappers available for pretty much anything you can think of.
At (isn’t that a cool name?), they have personalized candy wrappers available for holiday favors- everything from New Year’s to Easter to Christmas. How about a thank you candy bar instead of traditional thank you cards? I know I’d probably rather have a candy bar that says “thanks a million” than (or in addition to ;) ) the canned “Thank you for ___! We love it, we’ll be using it for ___. Thanks again!” Because seriously? After the first 5 cards, does anyone manage to write anything personal and original? Well, someone out there somewhere might be able to, but I’m not one of those people.


Saturday, October 27th, 2007

I’m aware that this is Saturday morning, not Friday, but I wanted to blog about yesterday, so I say it works! I was definitely ready for this work week to end, and I was glad when Sarah called me at work yesterday afternoon to see if I wanted to do something last night. Uh, yeah! She came over about 6, maybe? Anyways, we just hung out here and talked for a long time, and then once our growling stomachs got our attention, we finally started talking about dinner.
We’d kind of gotten into a pattern of hanging out here, and ordering in pizza, but neither one of us wanted to do that last night. We eventually decided to go to Hacienda for dinner. We went OUT. For dinner! It was so exciting! lol Even better? Our waiter, Tim, was a total hottie! We definitely lingered far longer than we would have otherwise ;) It was also nice to be able to sit across the table from each other and just talk and share without being distracted by something on TV that neither of us really want to watch anyways.

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