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My New Boots Don’t Fit

Monday, November 5th, 2007

One of the things that I wanted to get in preparation for Vegas was a pair of boots. I’ve never been able to find a pair in the stores that fit because I have larger calves. So I went online. I looked all over the internet, and finally settled on a pair of boots that said they’d fit a calf up to 18 inches. Out came the measuring tape– my calf is 17.5″. Perfect! So I ordered the boots and waited for them to arrive.


They showed up on Thursday? Maybe Friday… Either way, they arrived, and I brought them inside. There they stayed for a good couple hours. Partly because I got distracted in the “I just got home routine” and then finding dinner, and partly because I forgot. Maybe I was subconsciously scared to get them out, in case they weren’t going to fit. Finally though, I got them out of the box.


Oooh… pretty!! I dug the cardboard and wadded up paper out of the shaft and the foot of the boots. I slipped my foot into it. Fits perfectly on my foot… I hold my breath, and pull on the zipper, and….


Nope. The zipper absolutely refused to budge from that position… it would go no higher, no matter what I tried. Fits up to a size 18″ calf, my rear end!! That simply isn’t going to work. So I’m disappointed, but I’ll survive. I’ll send em back, and probably save myself some money along the way. But I still need to find a pair of shoes for Vegas and I’m running out of time!

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