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My Poor Aching Feet!

Friday, November 9th, 2007

The internet connection is being dicey, but I wanted to at least touch base today (and not break the NaBloPoMo streak 😉 ). Let me tell you, after day number three of walking, walking, walking through Las Vegas, my feet are not feeling so hot. That’s actually quite a large understatement– they are very, very painful. Earlier I likened the feeling in my heels to walking on steak knives. It’s totally worth it though! But if I have more than mush below my ankles by the end of this trip, I’ll be shocked!

Today consisted of heading back to the convention center to the Blog World Expo, and visiting all of the vendors that we didn’t quite make it around to yesterday. Found out about some interesting companies that I’m looking forward to really investigating once I get home.
McDonalds for lunch, and then Alli and I walked down to Treasure Island to look around… hopefully we’ll be heading back tomorrow night to catch the show. Then we met Colleen and Jim at Caesar’s Palace for some gambling… after losing our money, we did Chipotle for dinner, and then went to meet everyone at the Bellagio for the group shot. We gambled a little bit first, and I won my money back– I’m up by a dime now, woohoo! Not as great as Ted’s win, but I don’t have as much to put up first either! You’ll have to wait on the group shot as I didn’t get one with my camera, but several other people did.
For now, here’s a picture of Ted and I at the Izea booth yesterday.

Jenn, Ted, and Sleepy Bear

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