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What do I mean by cleaning?

Wednesday, November 28th, 2007

It occurred to me just a minute ago that I am always mentioning that I “need to clean” but I haven’t really clarified what I mean by that. You might be thinking of washing the dishes, and vacuuming the carpets, but that’s not really what I need to do. Since explaining wouldn’t really convey exactly what I’m dealing with, I decided to take a picture.

Stuff to be Sorted

This is my couch. It’s a mess, huh? Luckily, this is currently the only pile of crap in my living room. You might be thinking, okay, Jenn, but it’s still a very large pile of crap! Yes, yes it is. But there used to be a whole lot more than this. (Thank you Roomba! I cleaned so I could run my robotic vacuum LOL) So when I say I need to clean, I really mean “I need to sort through the piles of crap in my living room.” On that couch are a year’s worth of several magazine subscriptions, many things that need to go in the trash, many things that need to go in the garage sale next spring, and many things that need boxed up and put into the storage unit. Oh, and that long white box on top? That needs to find a UPS drop box, if I could only figure out where one of those is! I almost get a migraine just thinking about tackling that mess!

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