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Not Quite So Far Back

Monday, January 7th, 2008

Since I’m still at work, and still bored, and I have no desire to try and cleverly fit in the link to drug treatment centers, I’m just going to throw that in there and continue sharing some blasts from the past with you.

This is me and my best friend from middle school, Heather. As you can see, we thought we were quite the “thing.” Judging from the date on the picture, I was 12. Wait, that’s May, so I was still 11. That was at Camp Tannadoonah on a Camp Fire camping trip. I loved those weekends.

jenn and steph sophmore
This is from high school, sophomore year, my best friend Steph and I. I don’t have contact info for her anymore, but every once in awhile I search for her on the internet. I always come up empty. We grew apart pretty quickly after high school, which was sad… the biggest thing we had in common was being boy crazy during high school! Good memories :)

halloween party
This was a party at Steph’s house… I think for Halloween, junior year of high school. At least that’s what I’m going with given the curly hair. I think that was the year I got a perm. (I’m the person on the left, sitting on the couch. Sarah C. is draped across the back. Next to me are Jenni, Steph and Ryan P., and Katie is draped across our laps).

junior picture
My favorite picture of junior prom. I was wearing his glasses, and he was wearing mine. I’m pretty much blind without my glasses too :) The rest of prom kind of sucked, so I picked a picture from before it started sucking.

senior, midsummer night
Once again, bottom left. :) This was our group for a midsummer night’s dream sketch (probably my favorite Shakespeare play, since I knew you were curious lol). We had to reinterpret the scene, so we were rednecks of some kind, hence the sweats, fake pregnancies, and fake women. What I remember about this day is the class being super impressed by my acting because I was usually very quiet and that day I was very loud and very hick!

This is going to get very long, and I’m not done sharing pictures with you, so I think I’ll hide the rest of this behind the jump.

Let’s Take it Back

Monday, January 7th, 2008

Okay, so I’m supposed to be talking about senior living, but come on… I’m 24. What do I know about senior living? The answer is uh NOTHING. So I decided to go in the opposite direction.

Oh my goodness! Who is that adorable child? Oh right, that’s me! 😀 I forgot to look and see how old I was in this picture. Well, that’s not exactly true. I looked, I just promptly forgot again and don’t remember.

playing in the ice
Man I had a huge head… and no hair for ages. Mom said I kept playing in the ice that day and she couldn’t keep me out of it. Then I’d cry because my hands were cold. Yup, that sounds like me!

raggedy ann
I did eventually get hair, as you can see in this picture. I was Raggedy Ann for Halloween. Does it get any more adorable than that?

jenn parade
More conclusive proof that not only did I have hair, it was once as blonde as I claim!

kindergarten graduation
More adorable-ness! Mom will correct me if I’m wrong, but I think this was Kindergarten graduation.

I had to laugh yesterday because I was talking to my mother on the phone and she mentioned two of the pictures I’ve posted of myself on my blogs (the one in the sidebar here, and the one in my header on the photo blog). She says to me, “but you’ve always been photogenic.” Of course it looks that way… I have complete control over my blogs, do you think I’m going to post pictures of myself that aren’t very flattering? Especially ones featured on sidebars and headers? I think not… Hence why you got pictures of me as a completely adorable child, if I do say so myself. The next pictures I share with you will probably be about high school age.

There were some unfortunate years in there with some equally unfortunate pictures… you’ll have to buddy up to my mother to see those, even though I’ve threatened her with bodily harm. I do think there is some payback in my future though, for my part in choosing some unfortunate pictures of my twin brother to share with his wife, who was then still his girlfriend.

And to distract you from the previous paragraph, here’s an extra picture of my baby cuteness that I just found on photobucket:

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