Key Largo, Montego, Baby, Why dont we go

Okay the title is because I got that song stuck in my head while thinking of places I’d rather be right now… they’re all warm!! The Outer Banks won’t quite do it– I want to go to the Florida Keys… Jamaica… Bermuda… Put me in the middle of the desert if you have to, but I don’t want to be cold anymore!
If I’ve ever told you that I was a popsicle before, I was LYING. Because today… today I was a popsicle. I’m STILL a popsicle. It was 44 degrees when I left for work yesterday morning. This morning it was below 0. There was a storm last night, you do the math. If you can’t quite figure out what 1+1 equals, it equals nastiness! My car was completely frozen shut this morning. I felt like I was going to break the handle off of my car door just trying to get in. It took prying it open just a bit, and then a whole lot of leverage. And that was just to get in to start the car!
By the time I got my car cracked out of all the ice and thawed enough to get out of the parking space, I had windburn on my face! (That, by the way, really sucks!) Of course, at the same time I was ready to leave, the truck decided to plow the parking lot and wouldn’t let me out of my space! Of course, that was already after I was supposed to be AT work. In the end, I landed at my desk just a little bit late, and almost an hour later, my legs were still cold to the touch. I still don’t think I’ve warmed up either.
Of course, we had a bunch of people from other states in today, and they all thought they were the first clever people to ask me why I turned down the temperature. Ha. Ha. Ha. Welcome to Indiana, kids.

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