What Would It Look Like?

I’ve been trying to make a lot of changes right now. As you know from my blogging about it here, one of those is church and God and faith. I’ve been reading, hearing, and thinking about living with intention. Jason talked on Thursday night about how what we choose to do with our anger will define us. I was listening to the message online, and one thing that had me scrambling for a pen and a paper to write down was the following thought, “I’m angry because I feel deprived. I’m depriving myself— I’m angry with everyone I meet because I’m not letting God love me.” I wrote it down, underlined it, and wrote WOW in big letters underneath it. I’ve struggled a lot with my self image… I find myself thinking that there is something about me that is inherently unlovable. It’s not true. And there’s a God out there who is crazy about me, and loves me more than I can imagine. Maybe it’s not that I’m unlovable, but that I don’t LET Him love me. And what does that look like?

What if I got up in the morning and started my day with God? What if, instead of hitting the snooze button for 15 minutes, I got up and read my Bible? What if, instead of getting out of the shower and sitting down at the computer to read about which celebrity is or is not taking hoodia… instead I had breakfast with Jesus? What would that look like? What would that do to my morning, my day, my week, my LIFE? If instead of drifting through life, I got up in the morning and moved with intention? Wow… it could only be a good thing. It’s starting already.

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