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It’s the Little Things

Friday, February 22nd, 2008

Recently, I discovered, or rediscovered as the case may be, the blogs of several of the pastors on staff at my church. After catching up on some of their more recent thoughts, I added them to my Google reader so that I wouldn’t “lose” those blogs again. If you don’t use Google reader, they have a feature on the home page where they suggest feeds for you based on the feeds you are currently subscribed to. Since I now have several people from the church, they are suggesting the blogs of other church writers. I clicked on one and was reading back a few entries to see if it was something I might be interested in reading in the future. It was a blog of someone who used to be on staff at my church, and he was blogging notes on a conference he was at. Most of it was things that were said that stood out to him, but I had to laugh when I found this bullet point:

“There’s something hanging from Ed’s sweater. Is it a button? It’s flopping around. Nice sweater though. Wonder if he shops at the Buckle…”

That’s how easy it is to get distracted! Last night at church, I had something equally small grab my attention for awhile. There are lights on the edge of the stage for the current weekend series, and at the beginning of the service, the lights were off, pointed directly into the air. I’m sitting to the left of the stage (with the band, I felt kind of like a groupie!) and I’m trying to look past them to the person speaking on the platform when I see it. There… the one in the middle… there’s a hair attached to it. A long hair, just flowing in the breeze. I was listening to what was being said, but I just kept watching that hair. Eventually, they turned on the lights, the lights rotated and I lost sight of the hair. Phew.

A couple weeks before that, Dr. Bob was writing on the white board, and he misspelled a word. He didn’t notice, and just moved on. But I was stuck on that misspelled word. I can’t remember what word it was now, but I’m thinking it was “heathly” instead of “healthy.” I heard someone further down the row whisper to the person next to them “he spelled that wrong.” I heard the same thing from a row or two behind me. It was almost like a ripple through the room. Dr. Bob kept teaching, we all moved on, but I can’t help but wonder how many people missed that point he was making because of that misspelling.

What’s my point? I’m not sure I have one… I just thought it was interesting to see just how easy it was to get my attention off of what was important and onto something trivial. And while I’m at it, Dr. Bob, what did Seinfeld say?

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