Tell Me It’s Not Strep

This morning was a lovely waste of time. I rescheduled my interview with the lady from the newspaper because of CPR training this morning. I had to be at work at 7am for a 4+hour mandatory training session. I was back home by 20 after 8. Not that I’m complaining about getting out so quickly, but there was a bit of “I got out of bed so early on a Saturday for that?” We’ve all been previously certified, so we just reviewed the basics, took the tests, and took off. And I get paid for the full four hours.

It was definitely good it ended early. I’ve spent the rest of the day lounging around like a bum and using about 3837 boxes of kleenex. I started sniffling a little bit on Thursday, some sinus stuff, and by last night I was full out miserable! Today, it’s escalated even more with a very sore throat that’s making my right ear SO PAINFUL. I ran over to my mom’s so she could take a peek at my throat (cause it’s kind of hard to look at your own throat, and the cats’ official medical opinion is “feed me”), and she thinks it looks like strep. Boo!

Of course I have my interview tomorrow morning, which I’ve already rescheduled once. Is it automatically a bad interview if you give your new boss an illness? From there, I believe I shall be headed to one of the outpatient urgent-care places that is open on the weekends. And now I think I shall be headed towards bed where I will beg God for relief.

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  1. Pandora Says:

    Good luck on your interview!

    Hope you feel better also. Sore throats are just horrid. :(

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