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Once upon a time, I found a website called PayPerPost. Shortly after that, I found their boards. It’s been a great place to meet bloggers, learn better blogging techniques and just generally network with people. (It’s also a great place to go and cry when I’ve managed to break my blog– there always seems to be someone who can come along and help me fix my whoops!) Not long ago, they decided to make a much needed change. They decided to revamp the boards.

The old PayPerPost boards worked well for just PPP, but they did little to reflect the fact that PPP was really just one company under the umbrella of parent company Izea, along with Zookoda, and SocialSpark to name a couple of the others. The new boards now reflect that Izea encompasses far more than just PayPerPost and allows users places to talk about issues or topics relating to each of the separate companies. But more than just the reorganization and face lift, I think the most important thing for me is that the boards feel different. That might be hard to understand if you haven’t ever been on the boards, or haven’t been in a long time, but there’s been a lmuch needed light heartedness there that had been missing for awhile on the old boards.

But don’t just take my word for it, come on and visit the boards. If you’ve been gone, I’d venture to say that now’s a pretty good time to come back. If you’ve never been a member, wait are you waiting for? Come join the party! Come on in, the water’s nice… :)

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  1. Heather in Beautiful BC Says:

    Hey Jenn, nice write-up! You know, I feel the same about the light heartedness of the boards. I notice Ted and Ashley are both posting more, and both are SO positive and encouraging – they really add a touch of enthusiasm which seemed to be missing. I look forward to checking in each day to see what’s up in the IZEA world!

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