2008 in Review

Since I don’t really have resolutions other than the financial goals that I’ve already outlined, and the 101 Things list, I thought I’d start the year by looking back at what 2008 looked like on this blog, and in Self Portrait Sunday pictures… turned out that I missed more weeks than I thought I had!


In January, 2008 started with at least 12 inches of snow.
I took a trip down memory lane and shared pictures of me as a baby and from my high school years.
I bought a Tivo which served to really make my life easier all year. I got more sleep because I didn’t stay up late to watch shows, and I quit missing things I wanted to watch because I set the VCR wrong.
I went back to church, which was a nice change at the time, but I think I stopped going to church again in February.


In February, I started crocheting a new blanket, and confession time is that I haven’t gotten a whole lot further than that almost a year later.
I started focusing on my finances. I took stock of all my debts on February 5th, and started making a plan of attack. I’d decided I was tired of being stressed about the rising balances on my credit cards.
My nephew Killian turned 1 year old and we partied it up for his birthday.
After one whole day on the job, I discovered that I was not cut out to be a paper delivery girl.


In March, I decided I needed to learn to have thicker skin at work. I’m not sure it’s worked, so maybe that still on the list of things to accomplish.
I took a Flat Stanley all around the area to take pictures of landmarks.
My mom and I traveled to Anderson for the weekend, using a friend’s baby shower as an excuse to sit in a hotel hot tub all weekend.
I finally started making progress on my new financial plan and my emergency fund.


In April, I finally finished unpacking and sorting through the boxes, and thoroughly cleaning my apartment. It only took me 2 years after I moved in.
I woke up to the tremors of my first earthquake.
My best friend made my day by bringing me a great Secretary’s Day present because she knew I never get acknowledged.


In May, I voted in my first primary as the state of Indiana actually mattered this year!
I seriously considered getting a new webhost when Bluehost suspended my account in a stunning display of poor customer service.
And… I spent a lot of time whining about my sinuses and being sick. One of several times this year I needed to buy stock in Kleenex.


In June, I didn’t write a whole lot because the security guards had moved into the lobby with me at work, and I was on overload.
I also started drafting my goals for my 101 things in 1001 days project.


In July, my shower wall was broken and the maintenance guys just taped plastic over the wall. I held a contest to see how long it would be before the work was done, and we were all surprised by how long it ended up taking.
I breathed a huge sigh of relief when the guards moved back out to the guardhouse.
I spent a good bit of time on the beach of Lake Michigan, and fell off the wagon with my credit cards.


In August, I discovered that buying a knee-length black skirt for a chubby girl was an impossible task.
I loaded up my iPod, and spent a lot of time walking while the weather cooperated.
I turned 25 and celebrated in style with several days of birthday festivities beginning with margaritas with my girlfriends. We had a blast!
After falling off the wagon with my finances though, I had to decide how to spend the birthday money, on me or on the debt?


In September, maintenance FINALLY started work on my shower.
I also started crossing items off of my 101 things list. I received some flowers, sewed something, saved all my change for a month, and one more item marked private.
I attended my first Notre Dame football game. We won, but I spent most of the time people watching.


In October, I sent a secret to PostSecret. It never got posted.
I added progress bars to my sidebar to track my debts.
I had a little snafu with my bank account and some overdraft fees. I learned it was important to leave some money in my brick and mortar bank account.


In November, I did my part and voted in the Presidential election.
I got sick yet again, which took me AGES to get over.
And I got to have Killian all to myself for a few hours. I loved it, the cats did not.


In December, I started a new sewing project which hasn’t progressed much since I posted about.
There was a lot of family drama that I chose not to write about, and I celebrated Christmas with my family on 4 separate occasions.
I also outlined my financial goals for 2009.

After looking back over the year, there were highs and lows, but maybe it wasn’t as bad as I thought. Just that the lows came so close to the end of the year that it kind of colored my view of the whole year. Here’s to a better 2009!

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  1. Ami-chan Says:

    Happy New Year!
    And out of curiousity how did you get those side bars about your debt to work? I’d love to do something like that so that I can have a better visual of the progress we’re making.

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