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I’m moving!

Thursday, April 30th, 2009

I’ve been announcing that to people all day. Just like that. Basically because I like seeing them go “Whaaaa…?” Here’s the thing. I’m not moving far. I’m not leaving the state, and I’m not leaving the city. In fact, I’m not even leaving the building!! An apartment on the first floor of my building is opening up, and I’m going to move down there. What can I say? I am so tired of carrying my groceries and my laundry up and down a flight of stairs!

Most importantly, the first floor apartments have small patios. Now, I won’t be looking at outdoor dining sets or anything, but I might look for a chair for my patio. I can’t wait for some nice weather so I can sit outside on my patio and enjoy it!

When I still lived at home, I used to spend a good amount of time sitting on the front porch swing reading a book when it was nice out. It’s probably the biggest thing I’ve missed since I moved into my current apartment 3 years ago. I have to wait for the current tenant to turn in her keys and for maintenance to get the apartment ready, but hopefully I’ll be moving down there next weekend. If it’s not ready before then, I’m in trouble– my “muscle” (aka, my dad) will be leaving town the following weekend. I’ll keep you posted!

Vacation Envy

Tuesday, April 28th, 2009

I’ve got that itch to get out of town and go see something exciting… Actually, I’ve just got that itch to get out of town. It doesn’t have to be particularly exciting (although that would definitely be a bonus). I’d be content to stick myself out on a beach somewhere and come back in a few days. Never mind that I’m busy trying to pay off my debt, and really can’t afford a vacation. That hasn’t stopped me from spending a good portion of the last hour researching vacation options… everything from the location to the hotel to the travel health insurance. It’s fun to think about it, but looking at all my options is just reinforcing “Heck no, you can’t afford that!”

Maybe when I get my first credit card paid off by the end of this year, I’ll think about taking some money and going somewhere for a long weekend. We’ll see. In the meantime, I’m looking at this overcast rainy day and longing for beach weather.

Self Portrait Sunday 4/26/09

Sunday, April 26th, 2009

SPS 4/26/09

Not much to say today… I was tempted to skip SPS today but I took this picture earlier when I was taking a break from making lunch, so it just seemed silly to skip it. Right now, I’m watching Cops and trying to get the motivation to go blow dry my hair so I can go to bed. I’ve been on my feet a lot today though, they hurt, and I’m just putting off standing on them long enough to dry my hair. Besides, why be in a hurry to go to bed when you can watch uniformed hotties run around on your TV? (Though it would be a lot less annoying if the camera man would take the keys, change, or whatever is jingling out of his pocket.)

Self Portrait Sunday 4/19/09

Sunday, April 19th, 2009

SPS 4/19/09

I just love that you can see how raw my nose and upper lip are in this picture. I started feeling like something was coming on Wednesday afternoon. Thursday morning, I woke up and discovered I was right! Thursday, Friday, and part of Saturday I had a wicked sore throat. I’ve been stuffy and blowing my nose for days now. I feel like it’s slightly better now than it was, but I’ve also been using the Neti Pot every couple of hours for the last couple days. It will be interesting to see how I am tomorrow when I’m at work and can’t do that. Other than NyQuil so I can sleep, I’ve been trying to stay unmedicated… going the route of trying to get everything up and out rather than suppressing all my symptoms.

In addition to constant noseblowing, I spent a whole lot of time laying around, “resting.” Not a real exciting weekend around these parts. Unless you count killing the battery in my car. I discovered that when I went to take my Old Navy return to the post office. I’m glad I did too– I wouldn’t have liked to find that when I was trying to leave for work at 6:30 tomorrow morning.

Oh Friday night was slightly more exciting. Sarah and I went to the casino. But don’t get too excited, I won’t be booking my Vegas hotels any time soon. Both of us ended up “donating” all the money that we walked in with. That’s my weekend in a nutshell! Losing all my money, and then losing my mind. 😉

Total Body Massage

Saturday, April 18th, 2009

So when I mentioned on Sunday that I was sore, more on that later, I had every intention of coming back on Monday and explaining WHY… well, best of intentions and all that. I’ve needed to go to the grocery store and buy things like light bulbs, and toilet paper, and you know, FOOD. But I haven’t done that either, so don’t feel too left out.

In any case, the reason I was so sore on Sunday is that Mom and I went to the local beauty college for Full Body Massages on Saturday morning. Now, you might not think that a massage = pain, but you would be wrong. I managed to keep my mouth shut, but there were many times during the massage that I was yelling “Ow, ow, ow!” in my head. The muscles in my shoulders are always very tight, and she was bound and determined to get them to loosen up. There was also one spot on my lower back, just above my right hip, that she kept coming back to.

A selection of the thoughts running through my mind, mid-massage:

“Ow, ow, ow!”
“Is she trying to push me off the table?”
“If I hear that wave crash one more time, I might pee myself.”
“What happens if I fart?”
“I hope that’s not her boob on my head.”
“My earlobes, really?”
“Okay, my armpit fat really does NOT need massaged.”

It was nice, but I’d have been happy with just the back massage. The “total body” part of it was strange… I didn’t need my arms massaged. Or my earlobes. And I could’ve done without her rubbing the lotion through my hair. Mom and I were going out for breakfast after the massages, but our next stop was my apartment for a couple of hats. We looked like we hadn’t washed our hair in weeks!

Self Portrait Sunday 4/12/09

Sunday, April 12th, 2009

SPS 4/12/09

Happy Easter! I hope you guys all had a wonderful day with your families! I spent most of the day being stuffed to the gills after two separate family dinners, but it was a pretty good day. We played a couple of card games, and are even talking about planning an evening to play cards sometime coming up soon. I’m hoping that actually pans out because I’m really looking forward to that.

Well, this is going to be shorter than my usually wordy SPS posts, but even though I already feel like I need to check out a slimming pills review, I am going to try and find something else to eat before I go to bed. And bed needs to be happening soon because I am just beat! I didn’t sleep well last night because I was SO sore… more on that in another entry!

Nightgowns, Cell Phones and Work Holidays

Friday, April 10th, 2009


Look at me, not writing for more than a week… not participating in Self Portrait Sunday and not even making an excuse! Then I come back, post a picture of my cat, and run. So here you go… a picture of BOTH of my cats, on a cat blanket. Awww… They looked so cute sitting there, too bad they refuse to look at the camera and be cute for a picture. ANYWAYS. So I haven’t been writing, but not because I’ve had nothing to say. More like I haven’t had anything to say that seemed worth it’s own blog post.


~ Why is it so hard to find cute night gowns for “curvy” girls. By that, of course, I mean a fat chick who has big boobs. Most of the nightgowns to be found are what I call “old lady.” Sometimes I can find cute PJs in my size, but then they don’t have enough fabric to cover my chest. I’m not looking for sexy corsets (although, I’ll gladly order one of those if I can order the man to wear it for too. ;)), I’m just looking for a cute nightgown that fits. I ordered a couple from Old Navy, but they had the opposite problem– there was enough fabric puckering out of my armpits for a couple more breasts.

~ Is it really unreasonable to expect a cell phone to last more than a year? I don’t have a landline, so my cell is the only phone I have. It’s now decided that it’s not going to charge. The phone lights up, even beeps, when it gets plugged in, but it will not start charging. The only charger I have that will actually charge the phone is my car charger. Unacceptable. It’s currently beeping that it has a low battery, but I really don’t want to go sit in my car and charge my phone either.

~ Why are 4 day work weeks the Longest. Weeks. Ever? Those four days felt more like seven.

~ For a day off, today sure hasn’t been restful! I was up before 6… usually I can at least manage until 6:30 or 7 on the weekends, but the cats weren’t having any of it this morning. I’ve also been cleaning today. So far today, I’ve washed dishes, scrubbed down the stove, made the bed, swept all the floors. I need to clean the rotting food out of the fridge and take the trash out. Then I’m going to take a shower and call it good. Maybe even take a nap… it’s a day off, after all!

Wordless Wednesday

Wednesday, April 8th, 2009


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