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Self Portrait Sunday 11/29/09

Sunday, November 29th, 2009


Wow, ignore the raccoon eyes please! Hopefully those black circles don’t look as bad as they feel. I promise I don’t need any specialty eye creams or anything, I just need sleep. Which I will be headed to do in about 15 minutes– just as soon as I blow dry my hair and watch the end of The Amazing Race.

Did you all enjoy your 4 day weekends? I know I did! And I only had a 3 day weekend. I had Thursday and Friday off, but I picked up a shift on Saturday. Honestly, other than that, I did a whole lot of nothing this weekend! Thursday was dinner with the family, Friday I washed the dishes and took a 3 hour nap, Saturday I worked first shift, and then today I washed my work uniforms and watched movies! I really wanted to take a nap, but resisted the urge so that I’d be able to sleep tonight.

Now to dry my hair so I can sleep! Just didn’t want to miss another Self Portrait Sunday since I’ve been pretty lax about those lately.

Crocheting Again

Sunday, November 29th, 2009


Lookie what I did! I took a break from eating enough holiday food that I would seriously consider a colon cleanse, to start crocheting again. I made these two dishcloths. Obviously, they’re not done yet, since they’re being held together with crochet hooks, but all they need are buttons sewn on!

I like the pattern on the one on the left, and the topper on the towel on the right. I’m going to tackle another one and attempt to merge the two patterns. I already adjusted the towel on the left because I was going to run out of yarn (it was going to be HUGE) before I was finished.

Not much, but I hadn’t seriously crocheted in a looong time, so I’m happy with it! Let’s just not talk about the baby blanket I started at least 2 years ago that is still about a third finished…

November Financial Update

Sunday, November 29th, 2009
Debt October 8th November 29th Difference
Chase 0 0 0
Capital One 3455.18 3347.42 -107.76
Discover 5109.09 5081.19 -27.90
Perkins Loan 3513.31 3407.70 -105.61
Nelnet 13795.55 13699.18 -96.37
Total 25873.13 25535.49 -337.64

I was going to wait until the beginning of the year when everything settles down to update again, but I pulled the numbers for my own information, and figured I might as well share. As you can see, not much progress, but at least it’s all still headed down. I’ve done nothing but make minimum payments the last two months as my focus has been elsewhere. Namely, Christmas, my car insurance and registration. I paid my registration online on Friday, and wrote the insurance check last Friday. If that’s not painful enough to make you look for cheap insurance, I don’t know what is!

As far as Christmas goes, I’m nearly done. I have a small gift that I’d like to buy for my niece, and then my dad’s present. That’s all, and I’ll be set there. I have a couple of short paychecks coming between taking an unpaid day for Jason’s funeral and the holidays, but hopefully I’ll be ready to get back on the debt repayment plan soon. I’m ready to be able to make more progress again!

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