Crocheting Again


Lookie what I did! I took a break from eating enough holiday food that I would seriously consider a colon cleanse, to start crocheting again. I made these two dishcloths. Obviously, they’re not done yet, since they’re being held together with crochet hooks, but all they need are buttons sewn on!

I like the pattern on the one on the left, and the topper on the towel on the right. I’m going to tackle another one and attempt to merge the two patterns. I already adjusted the towel on the left because I was going to run out of yarn (it was going to be HUGE) before I was finished.

Not much, but I hadn’t seriously crocheted in a looong time, so I’m happy with it! Let’s just not talk about the baby blanket I started at least 2 years ago that is still about a third finished…

2 Responses to “Crocheting Again”

  1. Parenting Says:

    That looks nice and you have got some talent. well, no kidding, really well-knit and hope you finish it earlier than expected.

  2. Clotilde M. Says:

    Pretty towels! My mom and I crochet and are always meaning to make some of those, but must of our time is used up making charity things for children. Hope we’ll get to make them. . .You did a nice job!

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