Self Portrait Sunday 3/14/10

SPS 3/14/10

Happy Pi Day! I didn’t have any. Pie, that is. I had a rather productive weekend though. I went grocery shopping and got food for the week plus food for lunches at work. I bought 6 new shirts to wear since a lot of mine are rather ratty looking. And I bought Madelyn’s birthday present since she turns ONE next week!

After I finished spending all my money, I came home and put everything away and then started cleaning. The living room is still rather cluttered, but the rest of my apartment looks nice!

Oh! And back in the realm of spending money… I finally purchased renter’s insurance! Just shy of four years after I started renting this apartment lol I emptied one of my ING accounts to pay for the year in full in order to avoid any fees. THEN I really stopped spending all my money!

Now I’m just trying to get myself in bed. It’s difficult because it’s definitely past my bedtime, but it doesn’t feel like it because it’s “really” only 8pm and not 9pm. I hate Daylight Savings Time. Curse Mitch Daniels, the dip machine, and his switching Indiana onto DST… I rather liked being one of the only holdouts and not having to change my clocks twice a year. This time of year, we used to be on central time, and now we’re on Eastern time year round. It stays light WAAAAY too late in the middle of the summer, we’re too far west to be in this timezone. But I digress. I could whine about DST forever. In the meantime, I’m going to try and go to bed now because the feelings of jetlag will be bad enough tomorrow without me staying up way too late.

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