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Self Portrait Sunday 5/6/12

Sunday, May 6th, 2012

New helmet! Very head squeezy.

Look! I got a new helmet this week! It’s very “head squeezy” which pretty much means that it fits nicely and my old one was probably slightly too big the whole time haha Or at least the padding was pretty broken down after 2 years. I looove the color of the new one, and the sweat liner padding it has in it is pretty nice too.

I had a pretty great weekend! Friday night I spent relaxing on the couch, playing with barcode scanners on my phone, cuddling with the kitties and catching up on the DVR. I also made some last minute plans to head for Indianapolis to see the Naptown Rollergirls take on the Minnesota Rollergirls on Saturday. That was a great day, making the trip with a couple of my teammates, and watching an incredibly close bout. There were NINE lead changes! Crazy!

Today was practice… I always love Sunday morning practices, and this one was plenty intense. Lots of crazy stuff that pushed me out of my comfort zone, which resulted in lots of hitting the floor. Much more than “normal,” so I’m sure I will feel that tomorrow! We followed that up with lunch with a large group, and then I got my arm twisted to go see The Avengers with them. I’m glad I did! The superhero/action movie genre is usually not my thing, but I REALLY enjoyed the movie. Now I’m typing this up while I watch the Amazing Race finale, and then it’s off to bed as soon as it’s over so that I can get some sleep before starting another work week.

I hope you all had a wonderful weekend as well!

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