Slide Proof Hair Ties


Seriously, y’all, where have these been my whole life?! I’m talking about these Goody Slide Proof Elastics. I know I’ve seen them… I want to say I’ve even tried something similar in the past but I thought they pulled my hair out. I haven’t bought new hair ties in YEARS. But I left the house without one today, but was headed to Meijer to pick up a prescription before work so I decided to go ahead and give these a try.

I have super fine hair. I have a LOT of it, but it’s fine. Super resistant to styling, and slips right out of ponytails constantly. Normally a day where I would wear a ponytail, I readjust my hair approximately 18484929757 times. Today, I put one of these in, and I adjusted my hair a grand total of three (3) times. One when I noticed a piece of hair between loops of the elastic that was annoying me, one when I put a sweatshirt on over my head and nudged it slightly out of place (but it barely moved!), and the third time was purely out of habit. It was like magic!

So what I’m saying is if you have pony tail security problems like I do, definitely give these a try! No, I did not get paid for this post… I paid $3.50 of my hard earned cash to buy a pack of these hair ties. I’m just that impressed with how well my ponytail stayed put today!

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